Goodbye KINDLAND, Hello Proper.

KINDLAND's first chapter is coming to a close, but this is only the beginning.

Over the last three and a half years, KINDLAND has taken us to places we never expected to go. The publication––a pioneer among a wave of cannabis-focused new media––led us to:

Join a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, sample 99 percent THC-A crystalline dabs, hunt for strains that are headed for extinction, eat an entirely 'medicated meal', chat with cannabis OGs, treat our pussies to THC lube, speak with prisoners doing time for cannabis charges and professional athletes trying to push the agenda in their sport; we went to cannabis festivals, nearly got arrested in Japan, looked at racism and police bias in Illinois’s medical marijuana program, bought drugs on the dark web, and took shrooms on an OKCupid date; we went to gourmet dinners, talked about pain and perseverance, made homemade rosin with a hair straightener, found the original Sour Diesel, sat with women farmers in Northern California, took dabs and blew our minds, and spoke with those joining the marijuana revolution.

In our pursuit to cover the highs and lows of the rapidly changing cannabis landscape across the country, our small and loyal crew’s dedication and doggedness to explain exactly where cannabis belongs in our society, and in our lives, truly shined bright.

When we launched KINDLAND back in September of 2015, the industry wasn’t what it is today. If you wanted to read (or watch) about weed online, you had three options: High Times for stoner culture, VICE for videos of hipsters smoking, and the New York Times policy stories. (I’m oversimplifying things, but you get the point.) Today there are dozens of publications covering the cannabis beat and the mainstream has jumped on board. This is because the industry has changed immensely. Weed is now legal in more places than ever (even federally in some countries). And the products evolved, too. We’re now writing about proprietary technologies being developed, formats no one would have even considered a few short years ago, and all products are now more and more dialed in to the effects of cannabis. The days of one-size-fits-all weed have been replaced by products that deliver the right high for every situation. With everything changing so rapidly, we’re excited most by the evolution of products and truly believe these new formats and the focus on calculated results is the wave we’re riding into the future.

Which is why, late last year, we made the decision to combine forces with a cannabis design and technology startup and together, we’ve crafted a new vision and spent the last half a year bringing it to life.

It’s called Proper (www.aproperhigh.com).

Proper is a product recommendation platform for searching and shopping for cannabis products. Through an expansive directory of branded cannabis products, Proper Ratings (think Consumer Report for weed), and original editorial features, we’ll be your source for discovering, learning about, and shopping cannabis products in every legal recreational-use state in America.

Our team has doubled, but one thing has stayed the same. We’re a group of passionate insiders that live and breathe the innovations, brands, and products shaping the industry today and laying the groundwork for its future. We’re dedicated to sharing our perspective and all of the best products with you. The ones we’re recommending to our friends and family (including Grandma!)

So, from everyone at KINDLAND and now Proper, we look forward to finding you the perfect high for every situation.