Greedy Artist Gets World's Darkest Pigment all to Himself

Anish Kapoor secures exclusive rights to Vantablack.

On Monday, art blog Hyperallergic reported that artist Anish Kapoor has secured the rights to a very interesting color: Vantablack, a pigment created by Surrey NanoSystems that absorbs 99.965 percent of light, supposedly making it the darkest black ever recorded

Image via Wikipedia

In securing the rights, Kapoor, an artist who apparently thinks more like a 1-percent-er who isn't of the mindset that some things just shouldn't be owned, bars other artists from using the material. Many were excited to incorporate the technological breakthrough into their work until Kapoor scooped up all the Pogs and ran across the schoolyard to play by himself. 

I could understand it a little more if he'd secured the rights to say, a tool or process, especially if he had invented it himself. But this act of artistic selfishness is like a writer wanting to use a word that described the darkest of dark, but that writer couldn't come up with a new word for it. So they got a bunch of scientists to go in a lab and invent this word for them. And when the word was finished? The writer exclaimed, "This is my word! No one else can use this word!" Doesn't that sound pretty silly? Legal, sure. But silly as all fuck? Yes. 

Anyway, someone please get these scientists on the line so they can invent me a chill pill. Wait, weed already exists...I'll be right back.