Here's Some Great Advice From Dads Who Dab for the First Time

Old guys, the type who are old enough to be your dad, giving words of wisdom can be cute—provided they are not your real dad, you are not actually in the room with them, and they have taken their first-ever dab hit just prior to delivering that important nugget of life lesson.

The video above is the result of clever young people with video-camera access wondering if it would be amusing to treat old-guard potheads to a dose of avant-garde THC technology.

Post dab, a twinkle-eyed elder who looks like a trimmed up Santa Claus pulls his mind together and addressed the camera in total dad seriousness: "If I caught my kid smoking weed," he declares, "first I would make sure it wasn't my fucking weed." 

The verdict is in: A few cute old guys taking dabs is amusing.

As for the best of the graybeard advice? Whatever you do, look for a puddle on the floor after sex, don't cry over spilt milk, and never make eye contact while eating a banana.