How The World Does 4/20

An international sampler platter.

Think 4/20 only goes down in the USA? Think again, boo. Many, many moons ago, the ganja gods designated April 20 as the ideal day to get lit—no matter what geographical location you call home. And this Thursday, cannabis friends and fiends will continue the tradition by lighting up around the world in celebration of the greatness that is weed. 

But let’s say you’re not privy to the weedy customs of unseen lands and want to know what’s up with 4/20 parties, festivals, and pop-ups from around the globe. Look no further than the following international events, and unless otherwise noted, they all happen on—you guessed it—April 20.

Image via Flickr

Oh, Canada

Calgary 420 Arts and Music Festival 
Where: Distortion (live music venue in Calgary)
Cost: $21 for single day and $77 for 3-day passes

According to the organizers, “the 420 Music & Arts Festival is a three-day celebration featuring 22 Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Doom & Sludge Metal and Fuzzy, Kick Ass Rock n Roll bands surrounding the culture that is 420.” Bring your own stash or pick some up form the many vendors.

420 Vancouver
Where: Sunset Beach
Cost: Free

Canadians don’t mess around when it comes to weed. As you might have heard, the U.S.’s northern cousin will be legalizing recreational dope come 2018. This development will undoubtedly make Vancouver’s biggest 420 event all the more magical. 

Toronto 420
Where: Yonge-Dundas Square
Cost: Free

Come for the knowledgeable speakers and stay for the live music and chill vibes. In a literal sense, it might be on the chilly side as an outdoor event, so pack some scarves and sweaters like it's summer in San Francisco. 

Image via Festival 420


Festival 420
Where: Guadalajara, Jalisco
Cost: TBD

This music festival will go down on Saturday, April 22 (because some people have work during the week, you know?), and will feature live bands, pop-up stores, and a fiesta. You don't need to travel the world to know a serious high pairs best with seriously dank Mexican food. 

Image via VOC Nederland

Ye Old Europe

Amsterdam 420
Where: Amsterdam, duh
Cost: A plane ticket

As the nexus of all things European and weedy, Amsterdam is the spot to smoke out on 4/20. As you can probably imagine, it’s a celebratory free for all on the day of with no lack of special events for every breed of stoner. 

420 Dabs
Where: Hyde Park Corner, London
Cost: Free

According to the Facebook event’s page, “At 4:20pm on 4/20, to celebrate 4/20 day, we will be attempting the WORLD RECORD for the number of people group dabbing at once.” And as one person wrote in the comments section, “I think I hate myself enough to want to do this.”

Image via Spooning Aust

From The Land Down Under

Cannabis Community 420 Picnic
Where: Victoria Park, Sydney
Cost: Free

If you’re in the mood for “the festivus for the rest of us,” pack a basket of munchies and head to this politically savvy picnic in the park. And if you’re from out of town, try not to trip over the fact that it’s currently fall in Australia, or that the locals refer to joints as "Billies." 

420 Night at Queenies
Where: Sydney
Cost: However much a five-course dessert costs

For those who enjoy the finer things in a weed-filled life, this Caribbean restaurant in Sydney wants to pack you full of dessert. There are definitely worse ways to spend 4/20.