How to Host an Adult Coloring Book Party

A little dab here; a little dab there.

Say goodbye to Tupperware parties, or cookie parties, and welcome a party where groups of adults sit around and color. Yep, just bring your own adult coloring book (the lines are tighter and the whole thing is quite a bit of a challenge), probably a lot of booze, some substance to help you concentrate (wink!), and maybe a ton of useless nonsense to talk about. Take a comfy seat and start coloring! It sounds one step more exciting than a bunch of people sitting around knitting.

Apparently coloring helps grown adults unwind. So why not host one yourself?

Here's what you'll need:

1. Adult Coloring Books

Do not, I repeat, do not buy kid's coloring books. Your guests will get bored, and the adult coloring books are made to be a purposeful mindfuck. Your snobby coloring friends will be appalled at anything less.

Image via DomaniaPower/Etsy

2. Colored Pencils

Not crayons! Please don't be an idiot about this. Your party is a fancy affair, meant to relieve stress, not create a waxy mess of unhappiness.

Image via Mariamagalhaes/VSCO

3. All the Booze

A color-book party will not work without booze, seriously. Especially if you need your friend to open up about that time she slept with your boyfriend—you will need lots of social lubricant.

Image via Lizlavie/VSCO

4. Booze Hats or Gadgets

Allow your guests to have free hands. A beer hat or necklace will allow them to concentrate on coloring and boozing at the same time.

Image via Amazon

5. Snacks

Clean, and non-greasy snacks are your best bet. You're guests have already invested in these overpriced coloring books. The last thing they need is a grease-covered colored picture of a village in the Himalayas. 

Image via Nur A'isyah/VSCO

6. Weed

The easiest way to enjoy coloring is to smoke, injest, snort (seriously whatever you see fit) your favorite weed. It's the best way that you and your guests can enjoy the full experience of coloring as a fucking adult. 

Image via Nina Jean/VSCO

7. Music

Let your minds wander with non-lyric music. Don't get cray and play the Home Alone soundtrack, but at least opt for something at a low-ish volume that will ignite inspiration, peace, and love, and ultimate trip-out-ness.

Image via Apspaces/VSCO