ICYMI: Jimmy Fallon And Brad Paisley Turn Pop Music Into Pot Music

If you were too blissed out last Thursday to catch all of the 4/20 gold going down on social media, have no fear. The only thing you need to see (besides that super weird Totino’s commercial) is this video of Jimmy Fallon and Brad Paisley teaming up to make pop music weedy again. 

Most Thursdays, Fallon gets celebrities to read mean tweets about themselves, and it’s fun, and everyone has a great time. But last Thursday, in a special 4/20 twist, Fallon got country music star Brad Paisley to sing weed-infused versions of classic pop songs—pot songs, if you will. Enlisting help from fans with the hashtag, #420Songs, Paisley sang The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face,” switching the original lyrics to “I can’t feel my face ’cause I’m too high.” And in the case of R. Kelly’s classic, “I Believe I Can Fly,” the mantra turned into “I Believe I Am High.”

Something to glean from Fallon and Paisley's bit is that, Twitter users can be some real lyricists, when given the opportunity. And weed is going mainstream.

Watch the video above to see what we mean, and in case there’s any sliver of doubt: You definitely want to be high for this.