If I Win Kendrick Lamar’s Lyric Contest, All I Get Is a T-Shirt?

For a second or two there, I had a chance to be a winner!

Hope flared within me this a.m., and that flare came from Kendrick Lamar. More specifically, that hope flared on an Internet headline about the Compton-born, 28-year-old master hip-hop artist.

My computer turned on, and I read “Kendrick Lamar Announces Lyric Contest for Fans on Twitter.”

I knew everything I needed to know. My chance to transcend my life’s current limitations was only a few well-wrought rhymes away! Winning Lamar’s lyric contest would be a long shot, I admit. Lyrics are not my strong suit. Complaints are what I write best. Still, the odds against me reigning victorious in the field of talented and practiced song poets who would surely flock to compete in the Kendrick Lamar lyric sweepstakes were not what I was thinking about.

I’m not totally deluded, however. The competition, beyond stiff, would certainly be unbeatable.

I was manifesting the prospect of sliding out from behind this desk and joining Kendrick Lamar as he tours the world, giving the prize words I’ve written a silky, rich life-enhancing delivery to crowds of rapt music lovers around the globe, basking in verses of empowerment and richness that had originated in me!

I’m not totally deluded, however. The competition, beyond stiff, would certainly be unbeatable. Still, I consoled myself preemptively, win or lose, it would be an honor to do word battle with such a sublime and earnest cohort.

That flare of hope inspired by the headline burned undiminished, warming my inner hollows. Though surely I would not win, somebody would. A victor would be crowned, some young, hungry, driven, passionate lyric personality would be launched into a new career of writing songs and cashing checks.

A life would be changed for the better by Kendrick Lamar's contest, and that was all I needed to know. Until I clicked into the story.

From Mashable:

The untitled unmastered rapper has announced that he's holding a lyric contest on Twitter at 4 p.m. PST Wednesday. He'll be tweeting out eight questions—one about each of his new album's eight songs—focusing on their lyrics.
"Be sure to get your copy now and listen to the lyrics closely because these will not be easy!" he warns on Twitter.
The first fan to respond with the right answers will get a T-shirt, hat and backpack.

This is one of those circumstances where the more you learn about a situation; the more you know that your initial misunderstandings would make for a better reality.

How about it, Kendrick Lamar? Want to partner with the Kind to cosponsor A True Lyric Contest, an open-sourced competition to find and reward someone whose dream is to live your dream?

We are here for you.