Is Nike SB Releasing A Line of Weed-Themed Dunks In Time For 4/20?

Rumors on social media have the shoe designer keeping sneakerheads stealth-activated on the weed world's biggest holiday.

According to rumor-laced photos surfacing on social media, the shoe gawds at Nike SB might be blessing cannabis-keen sneakerheads everywhere with a new line of weed-inspired low-top dunks in time for 4/20. 

The dank green and black line of dunks, which some say resemble "weed crystals," is supposedly dubbed-–you guessed it––"420," and according to a "legendary South Carolina SB influencer," the stealthy sneaks will be released on April 20.

And though the dunks in these images are definitely pretty dope, Nike isn't the first shoe company to integrate cannabis-friendly design attributes into its products. éS shoes introduced the tongue-weed-stash pocket in the first Chad Muska pro-model sneaker in 1997, which was later adopted by pretty much everyone else in the skate shoe game.

For now, and until Nike SB puts out some official promo for the 420 dunk product, if you want to stay G'd up from the feet up (but, like, because of weed, or whatever), just start keeping ounces of the chronic in your socks. Or buy those weed socks that were huge a few years ago. Those were pretty tight, right?