James Franco's Daddy Croons 'Let Me Get What I Want'

You didn't know James Franco was in a band? He is! It's called Daddy!

James Franco and Tim O’Keefe, two grown men in a band called Daddy, have signed a multi-year deal with Kobalt Music. Daddy, which is a gross word only children should say, plan to release a full-length album inspired by a teenager’s bedroom wall, er, the Smiths. 

The project, comically titled Let Me Get What I Want, is not only enkindled by the work of the Smiths, it also features Smith’s bassist Andy Rourke. I guess that’s cool! I’m sure they are very stoked about that personnel choice. Worried there weren’t enough white dude rock clichés crammed into this situation, Franco chose to wear an Unknown Pleasures t-shirt to the contract signing

Here comes an awful sentence: Each song on the album will have a music video that when taken together make one long art film. Are you okay?

And who is Kobalt? From its site:

We create technology solutions for a more transparent, efficient and empowering future for rights owners, where artists, songwriters, publishers and labels can trust they will be paid fairly and accurately, regardless of how complex the digital world becomes.

That’s interesting! Especially since the company reps Dr. Luke, the sleaze-faced producer who likely sexually assaulted Kesha, contributed to her eating disorder, and is contractually holding her career hostage. Empower away, Kobalt!

Anyway, Daddy has a song you can listen to if you want to try to objectively judge the fruits of their labor. It’s called “This Charming Man” and it is not a cover of “This Charming Man.” Enjoy.