Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars Plan: Give Weed to Movie Stars and "See What Happens"

Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the Oscars in February. Saying "the Oscars" is a sort of slang way of saying "the Annual Achievement Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences." It's generally agreed that hosting this ceremony is more important than accepting a Nobel Prize.

Jimmy "JK" Kimmel claims that he learned of his Oscar-hosting gig through online reading. Haha. If that were true, he may also be aware that February's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hoedown will be its 89th presentation.

The 2017 staging, with Kimmel at the helm, has a chance of being different from the previous 88. In what way? Well, in the inclusion of marijuana.

The presumptive 2017 Academy Awards host suggests (on tape in front of a live studio audience) that one of his henchmen will gift movie stars with marijuana consumables on the red carpet prior to the show, "and then we just see what happens. My goal is to get arrested somehow during the hosting of the show."

JK thinks he's just kidding, but someone lurking in the wings might be all to happy to help with that getting arrested bit.