John Malkovich Is Being a Weed Don in ‘Humboldt’

As an apex cultivator, the Oscar-nominated super creep may grow on you.

For decades upon decades, tall, bald, pale actor John Malkovich has been equally sympathetic whether he’s playing psychopathic wanna-be assassins like Mitch Leary (In the Line of Fire—1993) or sociopathic serial killers like Tom Ripley (Ripley’s Game—2002). Naturally, Malkovich has been signed on to act as the patriarch of an extended weed-farming family in Humboldt.

The geographical place of Humboldt is, no need to tell you, a county and a college town in a Northern California coastal region that has become infamous for being rich in clandestine marijuana production.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the TV show Humboldt will be a crime drama inspired by Emily Brady’s 2013 nonfiction book, Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier. The series, written by Love and Mercy writer Michael A. Lerner and produced by Anonymous Content (True Detective and Mr. Robot), is at the “shopping for a home” stage of development.

Which puts the project squarely in a pack of proposed pot TV hits.

By force of sheer numbers alone, these can’t all turn out to be mere pipe dreams, right?