JR Is the French Artist Who Wants to Make You Bigger Than Life

In fact, some of these photos dwarf all existence as we live it.

French artist JR refers to himself as a photograffeur. You can interpret that to mean a visual provocateur. JR, who won a 100-grand Ted Prize for his visionary practice in 2011, takes the term blow up as applied to photographs and enlarges upon the concept until the everyday images of modern existence hang huge in front of you like immense black-and-white invitations to drop your defenses and join the larger human race.

JR's projects turn the notions of identity and individuality inside out.

Also, JR's manipulated pics are presented in open-air arenas, places where soft breezes can carry away a light smoke, while you linger behind on a bit of a trip.

From WideWalls:

For him, the street is the largest art gallery in the world. Exhibiting freely in the streets, he prefers to catch the attention of people who are not a part of the typical museum crowd. His work often challenges established preconceptions and advertising imagery.

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