Kanye West's Dadness Is His Ultralight Beam

He's just a dad, and he's on fire.

In the wake of Kanye West's month of bragging about his new album, The Life of Pablo, he's done nearly everything possible to get our attention.

So far, it's worked.

There was his (always) insane and entertaining Twitter rants, the debut of his album played via computer at Madison Square Garden, his claims that he's unfathomable amounts of millions in debt, calling Taylor Swift a bitch, and then his first live performance for the album on SNL. 

And so far, he's receiving artistic praise for The Life of Pablo. Which, by my count, makes him eight for eight.

Not bad for an egomaniac who compares himself to the great Pablo Picasso.

There's got to be more to Kanye than this steady stream of new sounds and the uncovering of deeper layers of artistic genius. One question is, at this pace, when does he fall? It always feels like he's on the brink of some insane breakdown or massive upset.

But there is a twist: Kanye West is now a father, and it's something he seems to take very seriously.

His first-born daughter, North West, can be heard all over his new album, and she's seemed to inspire him. In the time since he's been married to Mrs. Vain Reality TV Star, Kanye's own vanity might have been expected to worsen, but it seems his heart has grown softer. 

Take, "Only One," a single that debuted (with Paul McCartney) in 2014—it's a sweet ode to West's deceased mother and his new daughter. If his heart seemed scary or cold, this is the song that changed direction on that once-dark path.

He's part of the domesticity club, and he's got two kids and a seemingly loving wife to prove it. Maybe, despite his fears, grief, and absurdity, there's some further depth of genius that is awakened among a basic life, with basic people, and a family structure.

Hate Kanye West if you will, but at least acknowledge his honesty. His lyrics have always, and still do this time around, reflected the inner most considerations and happenings of Kanye West. Now, that canvas is even bigger. 

Kanye's only-childness and loss of his mother apparently provided ammo to make some brilliant past songs full of dark clouds and searing wounds. His new life, that of light, or errr, ultralight beams, might make The Life of Pablo an album that is about a new Kanye, one full of love.

And still a lot of crazy.