KINDLAND Got Lit Under The California Sun: Photographs From KUSHSTOCK

We went to a Southern California hash and weed festival. Everything was purple. And hot AF.

The National Orange Show (NOS) Events Center in San Bernardino, California, has hosted so many cannabis industry and marijuana-related events, one might likely feel some kind of feels just from drinking the water and breathing in that fresh, citrusy air. That free and euphoric flower power could have nothing to do with weed at all, and could just be due to the natural surroundings of a sunny, breezy, blue, and nearly broken down Southern California dystopia. But then I am still high while I write this.

Over the weekend, the San Berdoo venue, which has previously hosted the High Times Cannabis Cup and Chalice Cup, among other ostentatious displays of (somewhat) legal weed consumption, accommodated what seemed like thousands of elevated souls and 420-friendly faces for KushStock. 

To get a sense of things, KushStock is in some ways very much like the aforementioned and weed-renowned High Times events––a hella diverse crowd of attendees can openly dab and consume cannabis to their hearts' content, and a mix of food trucks pours in from all corners of L.A. to slang bougie french fries, tacos, and other varied and usually pricey pabulum. It is a place where you and your peers can get stoned or medicated as all hell, free of judgment. 

But KushStock is also in some ways unique unto itself, or its creators at least intend it to be so. For starters, attendance is free. The "competition" aspect of the event is said to be void of the advertiser and sponsor-influenced rankings alleged of the Cannabis Cup. KushStock seemingly caters more to the core cannabis community, over attracting investor money and mainstream faces to the marijuana industry.

Politics aside, KushStock had us at "free dabs" (and free water).  Both of which were consumed en masse after driving east from downtown Los Angeles. The following photographs, captured by KINDLAND editor Ben Parker Karris, offer only a squint-eyed glimpse into the heart of L.A.'s weed scene.