Korn and Limp Bizkit UK Tour Happening; UK Still Loves Nu Metal

But, like, who doesn't??

Korn and Limp Bizkit have teamed up to tour all of the UK’s arenas in December.

It makes sense for Korn, since they’ve got some (well-loved) new music coming out this year. This July they released “Rotting in Vain” to a lot of likes. And their album, The Serenity of Suffering, comes out October 21. It makes sense that they’d do a live tour—especially in England—where people seem to be less harsh about mediocre music (maybe).

But Limp Bizkit? There’s no new music (or anything) coming out of that chocolate starfish. Maybe Fred Durst and Jonathan Davis take their kids to the same Hollywood daycare or something.

Still, let’s hope this UK tour is just a trial run for a bigger, badder, nu metal reunion tour that will hit the states. Fuck it, let’s get the juggalos involved too. And some JNCO pants and make it a late ‘90s mashup tour!

Here’s the next hour of your day, nu metal heads, you’re welcome: