Laremy Tunsil's Weed Video Kicks Off NFL Draft Day's Biggest Drama

The league's most-lit prospect may have just set football 50 years forward.

Maybe not everything is more interesting if you add weed, but NFL Draft Day 2016 certainly has been. Thank presumed enemies of Laremy Tunsil for breathing an unexpected air of intrigue and what the f just happened into a process that is sort of like a cross between a futures trading pit and a debutante ball.

Tunsil, formerly of Ole Miss, is the new offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins.

Moments before the draft was set to begin in Chicago, Tunsil's Twitter account posted a short, tightly cropped video of someone who could only be Tunsil inhaling thick clouds of what Deadspin refers to as "an unknown substance" through a gas mask.

See for yourself:

The video posting is presented as evidence that Tunsil's Twitter account was hacked.

Deadspin reported that it had been contacted anonymously weeks ago with an offer to sell video of a projected top-five draft pick smoking drugs. Screen grabs matching the video that surfaced were provided to authenticate the offer.

Deadspin, to its credit, declined to purchase the tape, reasoning that "a college kid smoking weed is not a story at all."

Furthermore, the real story is that the video dropped Tunsil from a presumed number six pick (with the Ravens) to number 13 for the Dolphins. From Deadspin:

The war-room panic over Tunsil might be the best example of the NFL’s disconnect from society. A college kid smoked marijuana. That’s it. And yet that was enough for so many teams to decide they didn’t want to risk drafting the guy most had as the most talented offensive tackle available. The Ravens—the Ravens, for god’s sake!—were scared off by weed.

About two minutes after Tunsil walked across the stage in Chicago, while he was speaking with ESPN sideline reporter Suzy Kolber, the newest Miami Dolphin's Instagram account—also apparently hacked—posted screen shots of what appeared to be text messages between Tunsil and Ole Miss coaching staff discussing financial arrangements. 

Check back a few seasons down the line to see if whoever was trying to trip up Laremy Tunsil has given the Miami Dolphins the biggest break anyone received on NFL Draft Day 2016.