Mannequin Challenge Videos Can Get You Busted (Like These Guys Learned)

The Internet is a drug, baby: It inspires people to do strange and wonderful things, such as "mannequin challenge" videos. And after a group of 22 men staged a gangland style gun fight in the front yard of a Huntsville, Alabama, home to create their own version of the challenge, which caught the attention of (woop, woop) the police, two of the participants caught weapons and weed charges. 

From the Washington Post:

"Police confiscated two handguns, one assault rifle and a single-barrel shotgun, a tactical vest and many rounds of ammunition and multiple magazines to boot, [a police representative] said. Along with that, they found several bags of marijuana, packed for resale, and a grinder, which is used to grind the plant’s thick buds into a powdery substance for individual consumption."

Is the video chill, because it shows that even tragic situations like neighborhood shootouts can have a lighter side if presented as staged performance art? Or no-chill, because it could be seen as glorifying violence, and now two people are in police custody, facing charges that will stick to them the rest of their lives?