Mariah Carey Is Pretty Great at Buying Weed

All she wanted for Christmas was pot.

Mariah Carey has had a whirlwind holiday season, and she spent a good portion of her time buying weed. TMZ reports that Carey stopped into a weed shop in Aspen more than once to get some weed for maybe herself (??) or her buddies.

From TMZ:

[Carey]  stopped by a local pot shop called The Original Leaf at least a few times over the Christmas weekend ... according to our Aspen sources. We're told she went with a very popular strain called Amafu, which goes for $400 an ounce! Expensive anywhere other than Aspen. As for how much MC bought—we're told she never breached the legal limit ... 1 oz. per transaction.

Carey claimed she was having sound problems when she utterly ruined her performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2017, and a lot of people (idiots) are reporting that it might be because Carey is on a terrible cannabis spiral into the deep, dark, depths of hell. However, we really think it was probably just a sound problem, and that if anything, the weed (if she still had it or even smoked it!) made the situation a whole lot chiller.

Perhaps the most valuable thing about MC shopping for weed is that she did it herself and didn’t send some anonymous person from her staff. Even if the Aspen dispensary photo op was just a publicity stunt, that stunt openly says she’s down with pot.  

Welcome to the party, Mimi.