Marijuana Sales Expected to Increase 20 Percent on Super Bowl Sunday

Weed > Beer

According to Kraft Heinz,16 million Americans call in sick the day after the Super Bowl, making it the worst day of no-shows for companies all year. Or when people do show up, their productivity levels are so low that employers claim they lose $1 billion dollars from all the non-working working going down. That’s probably because the majority of the country is nursing some pretty hefty hangovers. Now that recreational weed is widely available, an analysis of last year’s cannabis data suggests that people might be cashing in their traditional beer-drinking Super Bowl Sunday for a weedy one.

From Forbes:

Joel Milton, Chief Executive Officer of Baker, a cannabis customer platform, found that casual smokers prepared for the big day by mosty buying pre-rolled joints. Pre-rolled joint sales rose by a whopping 28% and cannabis drinks were becoming a popular addition to shoppers baskets. Sales at dispensaries increased by 28.4% last year in the week ahead of the game. Overall order size on super bowl Sunday declined slightly by 3.6%, but order numbers increased in the week leading up to the big game.

Eaze, the marijuana delivery service said that their deliveries increased by 47.5% from 2-3pm ahead of the kickoff. Eaze also found that delivery orders seem to coincide when most people normally drink alcohol and they believe people are switching from alcohol to marijuana.

Though this year’s Super Bowl doesn’t include the Denver Broncos like last year’s, pot shops still estimate a jump in sales for the big game.

“Last year was exceptional for us because the Denver Broncos were in the Super Bowl. We a 30-40% uptick in sales from Thursday through Sunday. This year has been a little bit less than that, we anticipate this year will be a 20% increase,” Sally Vanderveer, President of Medicine Man in Denver, tells Forbes.

So if you’re thinking of calling in sick on Monday, think again. You can still have your cake and eat it too; Get fucked up on weed and eat a ton of chips and guac, without the booze hangover. Get to your local weed shop and get your guests what they really want: marijuana.