MSNBC's Chris Hayes Brought That Fire To The GOP Convention

All types of people smoke weed, but the consequences of what one might consider one of our most leisurely of activities can be detrimental for some, life-changing for others, and usually not all that bad for most white dudes. 

On Tuesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, MSNBC host Chris Hayes was the show's guest, appearing on Late Night to promote his book Colony of Fire, based on his experience as a n00b journo covering the 2000 Republican national convention. In doing so, Hayes told Meyers a story about how he accidentally brought some weed to the convention, which was held in Philadelphia. 

“We go through one checkpoint, and I think, ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve got $30 worth of weed in an eyeglass case,'” Hayes told Meyers. “We got through these checkpoints and finally we get to one, and there’s a Philly cop. He goes for my bag. He goes for each compartment. He takes out the eyeglass case, and he shakes it. He opens it, and he turns around.”

Spoiler Alert: Hayes wasn't arrested. And he even got to keep his pot. 

“This sort of mercy was extended to me, partly because I think the police officer said, ‘This is not dangerous. This person is not dangerous. I extend them the benefit of the doubt. This is going to be a hassle.’ And that benefit of the doubt — that moment, that judgment, that latitude that was granted to me — is so different than the way the system operates on so many other people.”

The broadcast journalist's weedy-tale reaffirms the privilege afforded to caucasian drug-takers, and recognizes the inequity in drug-policing experienced by minority offenders, who have systemically received harsher sentences than white users. 

Or some Philly cops are seemingly chill AF, and probably partake themselves. We hope the officer in this case would have extended the same courtesy to anyone.