Nevada's Reef Dispensaries Aims To Be a Pot Power Player

From growing up on the farm, to growing weed at commercial scale, Reef's Matt Morgan is leading Nevada's legal marijuana boom.

If there is anything Las Vegas has learned during two years of legalized medical marijuana, it’s that the cannabis business is far from the old hippie stereotype. The technology in the grows, the innovation in the products, the security in the dispensaries, the sophistication of the brands—all are taking the industry to the next level. And getting in on all those levels is Reef Dispensaries, whose facility off the Strip combines cultivation, production and sales under one roof.

“My family’s pretty conservative, so they thought I was crazy, that I was becoming a drug dealer.”–Matt Morgan, Reef CEO

It’s a vertically integrated model; from the first green shoots sprouting through soil to the quarter-ounce of Riff Raff Red Carpet Kush that a customer carries out the door, the whole process happens within the 165,000-square-foot facility. 

“From seed to end user takes [about] 14 weeks,” explains Reef CEO Matt Morgan. “You’ve got germ[ination], you’ve got veg, you’ve got flower, you’ve got harvest, cure, trim, packaging.”

It’s a little different from when Morgan worked on his grandfather’s farm. 

“I’m a farm kid out of Montana. And I ended up with industrial farming, manufacturing, on the Strip in Las Vegas,” he says. In 2008, he recalls, “I felt cannabis was gonna be the next big boom. My family’s pretty conservative, so they thought I was crazy, that I was becoming a drug dealer.” 

After experimenting with growing in Montana, he moved to Arizona and started a chain of hydroponic stores there, which led to him getting into the dispensary business in that state. Eventually, Morgan made his way to Las Vegas. He and a partner founded Reef Dispensaries/Tryke Companies in March 2014; they now have six facilities in Nevada and Arizona, with another opening in Reno later this month.

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