Pigeon Tries To Smuggle MDMA In A Tiny Backpack

This pigeon is festival-ready.

So, we all learned two things today: 1. Pigeons wear backpacks. 2. Pigeon backpacks can carry 178 ecstasy pills.

You read that right. One little rave-ready pigeon tried to smuggle hardcore drugs into Kuwait on Wednesday. We know this because Chance The Rapper’s collaborator, Cass Lowe, tweeted a pic of that crazy homing (read: homie) pigeon.

According to Al Arabiya English, Kuwaiti customs officials snatched the bird as it neared a building next to the customs department. Apparently, homing pigeons are able to find their way around using low-frequency sound waves—or at least that’s how the U.S. Geological Survey figures they're able to navigate 100-mile stretches at a time. This works for birds because, unlike humans, they can hear sounds at very low frequencies—like, emanating from the Earth’s crust low frequency. Which kind of explains why this pigeon might be into Molly: He’s all about that bass.  

But law enforcement shouldn’t be so tough on the little guy. He was probably just holding those pills for a friend or picked up the wrong backpack after catching up on emails at Starbucks. Or it’s possible he might’ve gotten lost on his way to rescue Miley? Who can really say.