Samantha Bee Shows Us Why You Should Never Take A Field Drug Test

The 'Full Frontal' host touches on the racial disparities of the drug war.

In a segment of Wednesday's episode of "Full Frontal," host Samantha Bee uses two mens' stories of drug arrests––an affluent white man and a less-than-fortunate black man––to discuss the racial disparities of the War on Drugs, which under the Jeff Sessions-led Department of Justice may actually get worse before it gets better. You can likely guess whose life was more adversely affected. 

The clip (see above) focuses on field drug tests, which are administered by police officers when they suspect someone of possessing or being under the influence of drugs. These tests can frequently come back with "false-positive" results, meaning they're not as accurate as one would hope the tests to be considering the consequences a positive test can yield.

And though Bee's segment puts a humorous touch on an otherwise unfunny subject, it still provides insightful commentary on the frightening direction drug policy is heading in Trump's America.