Seen + Drawn at the 'High Times' Cannabis Cup 2016

Everybody here is not a winner, but every body does win.

The High Times Cannabis Cup was one of the greatest “festival” experiences of my life. Usually my enjoyment at crowded outdoor events is tainted by my severe restroom anxiety triggered by dirty bathrooms and long lines but nuh-uh, not this time.

I’m happy to report that while I was a bit dehydrated—I didn’t have to use the restroom once! BECAUSE I WAS HIGH AND NOT DRUNK

I left the event feeling truly inspired. There is a ton of room for entrepreneurs in the medicinal industry.

I was half-tempted to lecture these random small companies about their branding—ditch the graffiti font if you want to get that sweet, middle-aged patient money! Don’t use your home printer for packaging labels! Graphic designers are a dime a dozen, get one! Yes, generic-trendy-website-design-and-fonts are lame but trust me, you need it!

If you get the chance to go, do it. It’s not just a ton of people smoking weed together. It’s also an opportunity to sample emerging therapies in the medicinal industry.

Topicals! Topicals I tell ya! Fascinating stuff! Enjoy!