Sergio Garcia Sculpts Surreal Reality Out of Walls and Wheels

Let’s say you woke up from a lightly medicated dream and were confronted by walls that you catch in the act of performing sign language right in front of your face.

Bicycles and tricycles fill the gallery-white room you have returned to consciousness in. You are inclined to ride, but at risk of pitting your destiny against itself while you never arrive at multiple destinations that are simultaneous and in opposite directions.

Here are the options:

1) You assure yourself that the act of waking up was just that, an act, performed while in a REM state, and you are still asleep. So keep your eyes closed and see what comes next.

2) You inform yourself that the world about you has taken a shift beyond the comprehensible. You resolve to pay very close attention and not be left behind.

3) You marvel at what you see, and access the Internet at your earliest opportunity to more fully explore the surprise visions and puzzling twists of Sergio Garcia.