Shred The Gnar And Save The Planet With This Hemp Skateboard

The Rolkaz Collective turns to Kickstarter to fund this skate deck made entirely from hemp.

Skateboarding while high on weed is decidedly one of life's most enjoyable and leisurely pursuits of happiness. Few feelings compare to the rush and calm one will experience as urethane meets pavement in a fluid motion underneath your feet. It is only natural that throughout the years, skate culture and cannabis culture have influenced one another and intermingled quite a bit, with products and personalities crossing between the two worlds.

Indeed, the relationship should strengthen even more once this skate deck made entirely from hemp––a variation of the cannabis plant most commonly grown to be used for industrial purposes––reaches consumers. The product launched today on Kickstarter and is made and designed by Rolkaz Collective. 

“Trees take around 60 years to mature before they can be cut down to make skateboards. Growing hemp only takes 12-14 weeks,” Janko Mandick of Rolkaz Collective said to Inverse. The deck is "made solely of natural hemp and flax fibers bound together with high-performance plant-based resin.”

The collective hopes to raise $25,000 for the sustainable deck yet to be produced.