Smokin' Pics: Protesters Fire Up Weed at President Trump's Inauguration

Normalization advocate DCMJ did what it does best: Sparked a weedy conversation.

Donald J. Trump has assumed the highest ranking position in American politics. The potentially not-good-for-legal-cannabis,  presumed 3 Doors Down fan has been inaugurated as President of the United States.

As President Trump was sworn in, a group of more than 100 marijuana enthusiasts (re: people that smoke weed) got high on free weed as if they were trying to make America Great Again.

Normalization advocacy group DCMJ led the protest and provided the pot, in the form of 4,200 joints. 

Video via AFP News Agency/YouTube

DCMJ protest organizer Adam Eidinger explained the reasoning behind the public puffing to Broadly earlier this month:

"There are a lot of protests at the Inauguration: there are women, anarchists, environmentalists. It's up to every advocacy group to represent their issue the best they can. I think marijuana is a really ridiculous issue because there's bipartisan support and it still isn't happening."

Here's how inauguration day's politically charged smokedown played out on social media.