Someone Just Donated a Cooler Full of Weed to Goodwill

$24,000 worth of it to be exact.

A few Goodwill employees in Monroe, Washington, got a nice little surprise when they opened a donated cooler and found a shit ton of marijuana. Well, 3.75 pounds of weed, worth $24,000, according to the Monroe police.

A few possible scenarios:

1. A kid was hiding his stash from his parents, and Mom got the pre-Spring cleaning bug and donated a ton of shit, including this cooler full of weed, and a bunch of old toys and ratty beach towels to the Goodwill without asking weedy son because she spends most the day asking him to get a job and to stay the fuck out of the garage.

2. The weed was implanted into this cooler by Trump operatives as propaganda against broken coolers and illegal weed, and everything else, and Washington.

3. The Goodwill is in on it.

4. A drug dealer ditched the dirty weed at Goodwill and tried to get out of a drug deal gone bad, before moving to Portland to open an artisanal weed boutique that calls weed flowers.

5. It wasn’t even weed, it was oregano, idiots. 

The cops say they will check surveillance tapes to see who accidentally dropped off the pot.