St. Vincent Covers the Golden Girls' Theme

And turns it into a haunting dirge.

And if you threw a party...

Most everyone knows Andrew Gold's "Thank You for Being a Friend," the beloved theme song to classic '80s television show The Golden Girls, sung by Cynthia Fee. Or, everyone who's a millennial or older. It's a catchy pop culture staple dripping with nostalgia, like the theme to Cheers or Family Matters. There's a metal version of it out there, and a sample in a pretty excellent hip-hop song by A-1, but musician St. Vincent takes the Golden Girls tune full haunt and cranks it down to a graveyard pace:

A dirge indeed. Now that's the kind of tonal juxtaposition we can get behind! But let us not forget the true king of The Golden Girls theme, the man, the legend, Finally Aaron: