'Stranger Things' Season 2 Announced With Puzzling Teaser

Everyone's favorite show about the Upside Down is returning for a second season in 2017 according to an extremely minimal teaser trailer released by Netflix on Thursday. "Teaser" is even a bit of a stretch: The video above is basically just the opening credits with a series of titles over them, followed by an announcement that the season will take place in 1984.

An article in Variety confirmed fan suspicions: "Work on the second season has already been underway for quite some time." Which is great for everyone who was worried the kids would age too quickly and we'd have a Walt from LOST situation on our hands. 

The titles in the teaser seem to be episode names for the upcoming season. If video isn't your thing:

The Boy Who Came Back to Life
The Pumpkin Patch
The Palace
The Storm
The Pollywog
The Secret Cabin
The Brain
The Lost Brother

Who's excited for some more bleeding-nose-telekenesis?