'Stranger Things’: The Complete, Perfect Soundtrack (No Spoilers)

Among other things, the music will blow your mind.

Netflix’s latest binge-worthy series, Stranger Things, is for horror, thriller, drama, and comedy lovers alike. It’s got it all — and even Stephen King is raging about the new show.

In short, it’s E.T. + Stand By Me + Super 8 + Carrie + Buffy + Alien + a whole lot of '80s nostalgia. It’s a bunch of people (including the coolest kid friends on the planet) searching for a monster and a boy lost in another (very dark—a/k/a What Dreams May Come) dimension. The acting is real good. The kids are the best part. The writing is pretty great. It looks all perfectly Amblin Entrainment/brown and yellow '80s plaids and colors. The font is real Stephen-King-esque.

Perhaps the greatest cherry on top is the music.

It’s got an original score that is spooky and wonderful. It melds perfectly with the genre and the show’s era, but the music that rustles perfectly behind each scene could stand with the best of today’s popular electronic music. It’s very good-weird.

The show’s composers Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon say the eerie horror-movie sounds of John Carpenter (The Fog, Halloween, Star Man, The Thing, etc.) inspired their even cooler score, which strangely sounds current.

Each episode carries just the right mix of '80s cheese songs, and the kind that just fit perfectly and give you all the feels. It’s the best combo. Despite the show being amazing in its totality, the music is worth a listen on its own, and a watch.

Episode 1


"She Has Funny Cars"—Jefferson Airplane

“Every Little Bit”—Jackie James & Ian Curnow

"White Rabbit"—Jefferson Airplane


“Jenny May”—Trader Horne

"Can’t Seem to Make You Mine"—The Seeds

Episode 2


"Should I Stay or Should I Go"—The Clash

"I Melt With You"—Modern English

“Raise A Little Hell”—Trooper

"Hazy Shade of Winter"—The Bangles

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree"—Dawn

Episode 3


“Heroes”—Peter Gabriel

"Waiting for a Girl Like You"—Foreigner

Episode 4


"Atmosphere"—Joy Division

Episode 5


“Elegia"—New Order

"Nocturnal Me"—Echo & The Funnymen

Episode 6


"Sunglasses at Night"—Corey Hart

"The Bargain Store"—Dolly Parton

Episode 7


"Fields of Coral”—Vangelis

Episode 8


"When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die"—Moby