Teddy Ruxpin Returns, and He's Tripping Balls!

Children of the late '80s and early '90s remember the animatronic, talking teddy bear Teddy Ruxpin with a fondness, or lasting fear. Well, Teddy Ruxpin is back, has a built-in hard-drive, and is creepier than ever. His eyes give off the impression that he's tripping balls on some serious drugs.

According to CNN Money, "[Teddy Ruxpin] can blink and look up and down, but his eyes also flash hearts, stars, even snowflakes. He has an internal hard drive with 10 stories about his adventures, with an option to download additional ones." 

Is the return of the toy bear chill, because nostalgia and capitalism can also be cuddly and cute? Or no-chill, because LSD is for humans, and the animatronic bear's renewed relevance in pop culture might lead to yet another movie with Mark Wahlberg?