The 16 Sickest KINDLAND Articles From 2016

Laughs, long reads, and other KINDLAND lit from the past 12 months.

For lack of a better term, 2016 was a doozy––12 hazy and hectic months.  A reality television star was elected to be the next President of the United States. Prince died. David Bowie died. Glenn Frey died. Patty Duke passed away, too. But the globe spins on, and the weed world was just as busy as the rest of the planet.

Launching in late 2015 and landing at the intersection of digital media and marijuana culture, KINDLAND lived through the whole weedy mess of it all, providing a platform for writers from all over the country to tell the stories about the people, policies, products and culture shaping the contemporary cannabis scene. 

Before we spark up 2017, let's cash out the previous 12 months. Keep scrolling for 16 of our favorite stories and articles published on KINDLAND in 2016.