The Bumble Bee as an Extract Artist

Bees are tight as hell. And they're absolutely crucial to so many of Earth's systems. But according to Internet news, bees also make damn good cannabis-infused honey. 

Nicolas Trainerbees, a pseudo-anonymous beekeeper and cannabis enthusiast holding it down for the bees in France, reportedly put the buzzing squad through an intense training regimen in order to reach their current status as master extract artists. F*ck yeah, bees! You rule!

From Green Rush Daily:

“[Trainerbees] has reportedly spent several years trying to combine his love of weed and beekeeping, eventually happening on the idea of letting an insect army loose on his cannabis plants."

This seemingly turned out to be a smart move, Trainerbees. Good call. If you’re seeking subjects for clinical trials of said honey, feel free to send it to The KIND’s Hollywood headquarters. Our editorial team will investigate further. 

P.S. I punched a bee once. And I still feel like a huge dick about it. I'm sorry.