The Dabbing Grandparents of Instagram

Wise elders share their love of THC concentrates on social media.

Dabbing—or vaporizing cannabis concentrates—is only getting bigger. For a certain breed of purist canna-connoisseurs, smoking a blunt is becoming passé, and taking a dab is the posh, preferred method of consumption. Depending on the extraction method and strain of cannabis used in its production, extracts test at around 90 percent THC. Traditional flower (weed) usually lands somewhere between 17 percent and 25 percent. 

References to wax are rampant in pop culture, with hip hop artists alternately fighting about what dabbing actually means on Twitter and releasing their own lines of designer extracts.

Nowhere, however, is dabbing more present than on social media. On Instagram, the dabbing community comes together and shares photos and videos from their respective dab sessions, heady glass collections and, most of all: The wax itself. 

And one group online that really seems to be enjoying wax, is the elderly.

The Instagram account, dabbing_granny gives followers a glimpse into the life of an older woman who loves to drop globs. Dabbing Granny’s bio spells out her affinity for concentrates and a warning to ambitious youths who think they can hang on her level: 

“Life is all about peace and love and happiness at my age. . . . Not responsible for stupid. If you can’t hang, DON’T try it."

Wise words. 

Another Instagram account, elderlywhodab, is more of an aggregate. It features baby boomers and members of the greatest generation getting down on gnarly slabs. The phrase “This isn’t your Dad’s weed” holds a little less weight when Dad is out-smoking you on  Instagram, and now so is your Grandpa. 

These two Instagram accounts are the gateway portal into old people smoking on the social app. Keep scrolling for some The Kind favorites. Next time you visit your grandmother—before she busts out the cookies, make sure to bust out your rig. 

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Keep doin' you, Dabbing Granny.