The 'Evolution of Fire' Will Light You Up Like Never Before

Fire probably didn't evolve. It was probably fully formed at inception. Like when you strike a match, the flame does not exhibit any prehistoric versions of itself. 

It's easier to picture fire more as an agent of evolution than a product of evolution. Still, we can say that the use of fire has evolved. Proof that our use of fire has evolved is revealed at the end of the video above.

Humankind's fire usage is rooted in the primordial basics of scaring away fearsome beasts and charring the carcasses of less-intimidating animals prior to eating them. Today, our elevated use of fire sends us on pleasant little trips.

The astute observer will note that the short video above is actually a commercial. It is a work of art, granted, created by Toshi Hoo and Eric Freeman, and it is an advertisement for a product. In the olden days, a commercial's natural environment would have been on network TV, but the whole broadcast space is in a disruptive evolutionary phase.

Plus, the video is soft marketing a product that isn't likely to be seen on infomercials any year soon.

So thank Darwin for the Internet. Otherwise this little gem might have no space to live in.