The Five Best Places to Get High in the 'Star Wars' Galaxy

Are you down to dab out on the Death Star?

The saga continues. Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters worldwide this week. A new generation of nerds will stoke the fandom flames while getting stoked on a whole new set of worlds and characters. 

On the weed front, a significant portion of Star Wars fans will blaze hard in celebration of the film’s release, often before they arrive at the theater. Weed and Star Wars go together like C3PO and R2D2—which are coincidentally both strains of weed. (C3PO is technically a cannabis innovation: Flower nugs dipped in hash oil and rolled in golden keef. We digress.)

But what about the Jedis and Wookies getting high a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? Where did Darth Vader smoke, ehrm, vaporize, his namesake OG? Do Vader and the emperor dab out on the Death Star? Probably.

Scroll on down to discover where else in the Star Wars universe getting down and flying high is certainly happening on the regular. 

Double Sunset Tokes on Tatooine

Tatooine orbits two suns. So when double golden hour approaches, throw on that "Binary Sunset" track and light up a fatty of some Skywalker OG in honor of Anakin and Luke. The history of Tatooine tells of a desert planet once covered in oceans and lush seas of green vegetation while the arid desert climate now ages the planet's people at an accelerated rate. Bring the green back to Tatooine and slow down time.

The Forest Moon of Endor

Because Ewoks. Which, again, also have a strain named after them. TBH, though, we'd smoke any strain with our fuzzy homies of the Forest Moon. Not just cannabis connoisseurs and allies to the Jedi cause, Ewoks go especially hard in the treehouse-building game.

Re-Up Spot: The Mos Eisley Cantina

They’ve beefed up security here ever since that one time Obi-Wan Kenobi cut off some dude’s arm with his light saber, but the Jedi Kush at this place on its own is worth the trip to Tatooine. Speakeasy vibes meet space weed; the Mos Eisley is definitely a chill spot to put one in the air with some bounty hunters and intergalactic criminals. This place would be a little more chill if they changed their "No Droids" policy. Seriously guys, what year is it, 25,000 BBY?

The Death Star

Obviously roasting up on the Ultimate Weapon is a hard one to pull off unless you’re a storm trooper or on the dark side, but the risk is certainly worth the reward. If you can successfully blaze down on the Death Star, chances are you’re also a master Jedi. On the flip side, you know how it can sometimes feel like the walls are closing in on you after taking a dab? Well, if you find yourself in a dianoga-infested garbage pit after a quick escape goes awry, that’s actually like a real thing that happens there. Still can’t decide if we would try whatever strain it is that makes the Emperor shoot lightning from his fingers. 

Secret Sesh: Yoda's Crib on Dagobah

This is perhaps the most exclusive smoke spot in the Star Wars galaxy. I've only been invited for a smoke sesh with Yoda once. And only after Mace Windu vouched for me beforehand. (Good looking out, Mace!) Make sure to bring your own weed. Though it goes without saying that Yoda has jars of the top shelf hybrid that tests at 20 percent THC, and is named in honor of the Master Jedi himself, on deck. In our time there, he spoke about how weed is amazing but can also be the path to the dark side. He said, "weed leads to the munchies. The munchies lead to Taco Bell. Taco Bell leads to suffering." Then we all took dabs out of a heady rig that we heated up using a lightsaber instead of a torch. Thanks again, Yoda!