'The Hills' 10-Year Special Was all About Lauren Conrad

No Spedis allowed.

It seems MTV was not interested in having a Bravo-style reunion special to celebrate The Hills’ tenth anniversary. Instead, the network invited Lauren Conrad to relive some old footage and offer some insight into her life now. And, thankfully, she did not comment on many other castmates' lives.

At first, I wanted a big fight—the entire cast duking it out and blaming one another for past wrongs. But it seems Conrad, like always, would probably only agree to do a reunion show on her terms. And those terms apparently were to talk about her own life and the actual production of The Hills.

Conrad did include her parents. They had an interesting take, I guess. But most notably, they seem like a really good, rich, hippie-esque Mon and Dad set and, my guess is, because of that is why Lauren didn’t turn out to be Heidi Montag.

The whole 10-year special show felt like a big ad for Conrad, which was pretty much fine by me, and showed her fashion and business successes. Even though she must have been acting, she actually seemed humble and still very naive. All the nice things that, compared to her former fame-hungry castmates, make me (and pretty much everyone) still like her.

I can specifically recall watching LC  defriend Heidi over the course of an entire season. I remember thinking, Jeez, Lauren, you should probably just chill because people get in relationships and want to be with their boyfriends; so like, chill out a little on Heidi.

Watching the old footage of that, and watching Lauren’s extreme drama (among producers and her parents) gave me some closure: Lauren Conrad is too shy and boring for reality TV. Somehow she got roped into TV, and it really wasn’t even a good fit for her. Basically, her heart was too big, and she took it all too seriously.

In one scene, her dad mentions that Lauren had feared she would be turned down for the Teen Vogue internship—like MTV hadn’t already arranged and sealed that deal for her. She seemed oblivious to being set up by producers most of the time—until she’d finally notice mic packs on total strangers. Maybe this naiveté and innocence (fake ass or real) is what actually drove the show for all those years.

But Conrad reveals some things I didn’t really know.

First, she actually met Heidi Montag in school and convinced producers to let Montag join the show. And, Audrina Patridge was actually Heidi and Lauren’s hot neighbor. Those parts, I had thought, were certainly set up. Apparently not.

Most terribly sad is that Jason was an alcoholic for most of the show (we kind of knew that). Watching some unseen footage of Lauren’s final breakup with him, when he’s all fucked up at 10:00 a.m., was pretty pathetic. However, he’s apparently turned his life around. Lauren said, "Jason’s story has a happy ending. He is sober now and married and very happy." Although how happy, really, does that sound?

Still there were no substantive updates about anyone else. Most of the castmates were silent on Twitter, and I can only hope and assume that's because they’ve finally all got better shit to do now.

Except for Spencer and Heidi who were live blogging and tweeting the whole thing.

Heidi live blogged her thoughts on Broadly. Overall, she was pretty PG and happy. And still crazy.

9:01 PM
Lauren is narrating all our lives again. Surprise! It's all about Lauren. Blogs have advertised the show as a "reunion," but it's really an LC special.

9:39 PM

Overall, this special is a great Kohl's commercial. I want to go to Kohl's right now. I'll buy some of Lauren's clothes. They're cute!

Then Spencer, who apparently still hates LC, but loves attention, lashed out on Twitter. 

This wasn't the reunion show any of us had hoped for. Still, I love the show and I'm glad they'll be adding all the reruns to MTV.