The Least Chill Stoner of the Day Seems to Be Canadian

Oh, Canada, when did you get so rude?

The ferry services trafficking passengers and cars to and from the cluster of islands off the coast of Canada's British Columbia province are known the world around for offering a sensory-immersion experience within spectacular aquatic passageways, punctuated by the occasional tail flap of a big happy passing whale.

The BC Ferries corporation also, apparently, has tasked some of the most long-suffering officers in the history of private property with informing travelers that consumption of marijuana is prohibited on all the company's vessels, even within smoking sections.

Seriously, sitting here in a distant Los Angeles suburb at a desk in a windowless office among rows of faceless data-entry colleagues in ranks of featureless cubicle work stations, I can imagine nothing more liberating to soul and mind than to park myself on a BC Ferry deck with blunt in hand and nature's most intoxicating smoke moving in and out of my lungs. 

I hope I'd find a way to do that without being a negative brand ambassador.