The U.K. Opened Its First CBD Store

Still, weed remains illegal in all of the United Kingdom.

One of the coolest things about cannabis, is that the drug is consumed by people all over the world. Marijuana-based treatments and medicines help millions of people each day. And recreational consumption allegedly elevates the lives of most who engage in such casual consumption. 

Indeed, cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive element found in the cannabis plant, which is used in treatments for everything from chronic pain, to crippling anxiety, is emerging as a popular form of medicine. Even animals are benefiting from CBD-based treatments and products.

Riding the recent wave of relevance, CBDrus, an Internet-based retailer of CBD-based products which include oils, sprays, and capsules, opened a brick-and-mortar storefront this month in East Lancashire, U.K., after operating only online, and selling the products as food supplements, for more than a year. CBDrus is the first shop of it's kind in the U.K., according to reports.

The shop’s owner, Scott Hardacre, is a staunch advocate for the benefits of CBD. 

“I know the wide range of benefits of CBD that can help people globally. I would not say it is addictive,” Hardacre said to reporters. “It’s something natural and it helps people. I think it is crazy the way the government is looking at it.”

Still, cannabis remains illegal in the U.K. And earlier this year, U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May, came out pretty hard in opposition of legalization:

“The reason I don’t believe in making cannabis legal is because of the impact I see it having on too many people in terms of the drug use,” the Prime Minister said in a statement. 

Activists, such as Hardacre, though, are hopeful this will change. And speculators expect that by October, a bill will be introduced to Parliament, that will contain a strategy to legalize cannabis for the whole country.