Thedanlife Is Your New Favorite Instagram

Everything that sparkles on this Insta feed is art.

Daniel Jacob is a self-taught Chicago-born artist who spends a lot of time in Miami and has a fascination with, among other luminescent phenomena, crystal. Crystal as in "a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces."

Jacob also has a keen eye for vintage sneakers.

From The Creators Project:

The crystal-studded sculpture is a larger-than-life replica of a Nike Air Jordan, replete with silver and gold crystals. Air Jordan 1 (Gold) is the third in a series called 21st Century Ice Age, which also features the Bulls-red Chicago and the baby blue UNC. It's hard to imagine an artwork that can better assert wealth, power, and an interest in sneakerhead culture at the same time.

Take a scroll and, if you like what you see, follow.