There’s a Legal Weed Shortage in Alaska

Fairbanks doesn’t have any buds at all.

Fairbanks, Alaska, isn’t selling weed right now because they just don’t have enough of it. There’s been a shortage of commercial weed across Alaska and it’s caused local pot shops to close their doors until local marijuana becomes available.

There are three weed shops in Fairbanks – Pakalo Supply Co, GoodSinse, and Frozen Budz, and they are left selling either absolutely nothing, or edibles and clones. And if they are selling any of the little-to-no weed they’ve got from other states, they are running out fast.

It’s likely that Fairbanks won’t have access to their local (finished and ready to go) crop until the end of January, according to the local pot shops who claim their grows are almost ready. Almost…

It seems there are more people who want weed than there are enough people, space, and time to harvest enough for the growing demand.

From Alaska Dispatch News:

As of early December, 26 growers were operating statewide, with 8 of those being cultivators constricted to less than 500 square feet of canopy, James Hoelscher, enforcement supervisor with the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, told the Marijuana Control Board during its Dec. 6 meeting. But not all of them have harvested yet, as they came online at different times, and marijuana takes at least three months to mature.

"You can't rush a plant," Destiny Neade, Frozen Budz co-owner, told Alaska Dispatch News.

The lack-of-weed problem isn’t just hitting Fairbanks -- it's the whole state that needs more cannabis. The local Anchorage and Juneau grows are way behind Fairbanks, and they previously relied on Fairbanks for supply. Now, with all these crops in different cities coming online at different times, it seems no one in Alaska can get any local weed yet.

The demand is high, and to put this in perspective, Rainforest Farms, Juneau’s main dispensary, sold out in just three hours on their first opening day in November. They can only stay open about two or three days before running out of pot.

"You can't rush a plant."

And now, retailers are adding their names to waitlists to even get access to the finished buds from local grows that are (apparently) coming real soon.

But part of the shortage issue is that there are not enough industry licenses to grow the weed, but as more cultivators start getting approved and begin growing, there’s likely to be some relief in the shortage.

However, some think that it won't be enough. They could still experience shortages in the warmer months when they will see a high volume of tourists (who presumably will want this very legal weed).

But for now, Alaska is losing a lot of money, and happy cannabis customers.