These 15 'Monster Children' Pics Are Suitable for Work but Fuck Work

Anyone addicted to quarterly lifestyle magazines that are devoted to the essentials of cool-dude culture—as in surf, skateboarding, music, girls, travel, art, design, photography—is already all strung out on Monster Children

Guess what, lowbrow-culture junkie? Monster Children has a photo contest, annually, with $30,000 in prize money. Do you need a slice of that dough? Well, the deadline for the 2016 competition is still two weeks away! Great.

Wait! Considering that two weeks away is 14 days in the future, how is KINDLAND today serving up a gallery of the best entries so far from the Monster Children 2016 photo competition?

The KINDLAND is a connected land, that's how. 

So dose up on the 15 shots here, then scurry over to the Monster Children photo contest's online staging grounds. The monstrous contest categories are: Action, Lifestyle, Travel, Girls, Music, and Student.

Choose a category, and pick off the winning shots directly as they come in.