This Week in Weird Weed Finds: Walmart Is a Grow Site

Police discovered ganja flowering behind a Tennessee WalMart.

Each week, cannabis plants are found in seemingly stranger places. Police in Oregon discovered pounds of the stuff in a portable toilet earlier this month. And this week in Tennessee, sure enough, officials discovered the herb growing behind a WalMart. Weed actually is everywhere

You'd expect one of the largest corporations in the world to house more than just a few measly marijuana plants, which in this case, were reportedly located on the edge of the forest outside one of the retailer's Tennessee locations. 

Fox5 has the juice on the smallest weed-bust ever:

"According to police, a team of contractors found them while working in the field. A security guard with them was also a former police officer. He recognized the plants were marijuana and contacted police. Some Walmart employees said they've seen kids in the field before." 

. . .A likely story from the employees. Kids? A field? The youths were clearly playing Pok√©mon Go, if they were even outside at all. 

And who knows, if weed continues at its current pace toward legalization, maybe we'll all be getting our weed from WalMart, some day. Well, some consumers may opt for Costco kush, but you get it