'Trainspotting' Is Coming Back With All Its Old Junkies Intact

Just in case any Ripped Van Winkles out there are just coming out of an extended nod and wondering what decade this is, we have now achieved that future time when the 20th anniversary of director Danny Boyle's rendition of writer Irvine Welsh's novel Trainspotting landed in American theaters like a gob of crimson-speckled phlegm expelled from the lungs of a pasty, spotty delinquent who speaks in an accent that's every bit as thick as the sheen of dark-humor that drips off this film like withdrawal sweat.

One amazing thing about Trainspotting nostalgia is that the film is remembered as a largely comedic experience despite heavy doses of stomach-turning squalor and gut-wrenching destruction of innocents.

Another thing that buggers belief about Trainspotting is that a sequel is reportedly on the way, with shooting to commence in May. From Mashable:

The only cast currently linked to the project on IMDb are Ewan McGregor (Renton), Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy), Robert Carlyle (Begbie) and Ewen Bremner (Spud). The screenplay has been written by John Hodge, and Danny Boyle will direct.

That's just about everybody from the first Trainspotting crew who mattered, other than Kelly Macdonald, who you will remember moved to early 20th century Atlantic City, New Jersey, and took up residence on Boardwalk Empire.

In regard to the new script, Carlyle told a crowd at Edinburgh's Usher Hall this past Sunday: "All the characters are exactly where you would want them to be."

So they're all fucking rehab counselors now, are they? Sucking on e-cigs, wearing wee hats, having it off with the newcomer lasses?