Twenty After: Getting Married Inside Of A Grow-Op

You may now dab with the bride.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Pot is even prettier. And with legalization legislation making marijuana more relevant than its ever been, cannabis is being incorporated into weddings with increased frequency.

From dab bars at the reception, to the "pinterest-perfect" weed wedding turning cannabis into "the new champagne," or brides receiving ornate marijuana flower bouquets, weed is taking over the wedding game, and becoming everyone's favorite guest. 

According to the Associated Press, as Nevada kicked off recreational sales over Independence Day weekend, one happy couple tied the knot inside of a cultivation facility.  

Still, to be sure, despite their surroundings, the couple was reportedly not actually down to blaze, and said the location was purely symbolic, and more about "supporting Nevada's new marijuana laws." The groom said getting married in such close proximity to such copious amounts of Mary Jane––and legalization in general––was very important to him, as his father was once imprisoned on weed charges. 

Either way, congrats, you crazy kids.