UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Says CBD Oil Makes 'Life a Better Place'

Athletes love weed. From Olympians and NFL players, to skateboarders and baseball players––the wide world of sports is pretty much always stoned

Add the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the list. In a post-fight press conference following a UFC matchup in Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday, fighter Nate Diaz answered reporters' questions while puffing on a CBD oil vape-pen. At around 1:20, when asked what he was inhaling, Diaz repped the vape brand with pride, and from behind bruised eyes, explained medical marijuana to the MMA viewership.

"CBD [oil] helps with [the] healing process, inflammation, and stuff like that," said Diaz. "You get these before or after the fight, and training––make your life a better place." 

He's not wrong. While Diaz was vaping down on broadcast television, Conor McGregor––Diaz's opponent;the winner of the fight––was reportedly living it up in a nearby Las Vegas nightclub.