VIDEO: Parents Telling Kids Why They Smoke Weed Will Make You Want To Smoke

"I hope that you don't follow in my footsteps."

When it comes to weed, the subject can be cause for contention among parents. Perhaps those who have procreated take beef with bud because of decades of Drug War stigmas sticking to their conscience, and they think that weed is bad. Or, more simply, these anti-weed parents just don't want their children to grow up and become Grateful Dead fans, which is totally fair. But other parents, cool parents, (wink wink) don't just tell their kids what and what not to do––drugs included––they talk with their children about all subjects, even the uncomfortable ones. Like weed. 

Which is what you'll find in the above video. Moms and Dads confessing to their progeny that they do, in fact, smoke pot. This is healthy. The parent-child combos discuss everything from the taste of weed, to the importance of being open and honest with one's family about one's weed-usage.  One of the featured mothers actually sums up the experience of being high on marijuana so perfectly, we would totally hire her to review strains here at KINDLAND.

"It just like, makes you more mellow, and want Doritos."