Watch an Onslaught of Creeping Plant Life Devour New York City

New York City is in fact a big town that never sleeps, but the eternal certainties of time and entropy assure us that Gotham will one day die. Will the center of its own known universe go out with a whimper? On a bang? While fully awake with eyes wide open?

Maybe the skyscrapers and tenements and converted warehouse spaces will simply sit fallow as the entire acreage of Manhattan and adjacent properties is forcibly reverted to green space.

Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper, and Florian Wittmann are the creative forces behind Wrapped, a short time-lapse animation film that combines real and CG (computer-generated, for the non-savvy) footage to bring to life a metropolis having its last breaths squeezed out of it by invasive plants that launch their attack from the corpse of one dead rat.  

It couldn't have happened to a nicer place.

Thanks to Colossal for turning us on.

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