Watch An Oregon Senator Deliver Weed Money

Paying taxes isn't so simple for THC-infused businesses.

Paying taxes is no easy task for businesses in nearly every aspect in the cannabis industry. 

Most transactions––at the retail consumer and B2B levels––are done in cash. But due to federal regulations, access to traditional banking and financial services is not available to said weed world, even in states where the sticky icky is also legal for medical or recreational use, like Oregon. 

As such, when tax time rolls around, many weed businesses must also pay Uncle Sam in paper currency.  According to OregonLive, dispensary owner, Tyson Haworth enlisted the help of a  U.S. Senator to delver his weed-tax money. 

Oregon Live reports:

"On his latest trip to the Oregon Department of Revenue, dispensary owner Tyson Haworth had company: U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley. Haworth, an owner of Oregon's Finest and a marijuana production operation called sofresh Farms, stuffed his tax payment, about $70,000, into a bag and drove south on Interstate 5 with the Democratic senator in the passenger's seat."

If your local weed laws bug you, perhaps writing your local politician could be more beneficial than one might believe.